Saturday, April 27, 2002

I liked this, because it's mine...
Samba Raro - DJ Marky Remix
Snapped It - Krust
Round the Corner - London Elektricity - Origin Unknown remix
Lighter (remix) - DJ SS
Casio Royale (remix) - DJ Zinc
Do It Again - Danny Byrd
Addicted To Bass - Puretone (DJ Die Sub-Tera remix)
Titan - Ram Trilogy
Breathe - Bad Company ((This one was a really shit mix!))
Spacehopper - Bad Company
Remember Me - Twisted Individual (remix)
Tonight - Bad Company
Ghostbuster - Ryme Tyme + Optical
Stranger - (white label)
Something Out There - VIP feat. Leah 2002 remix
Sonar - Trace (Optical and Trace remix)
DJ Zinc - Reach Out (remix)
Freddie Mercury, Gianni Versace and the Queen Mum
arrive at the Pearly gates, St Peter explains that only one can get
through and that they each have to put forward their case for entry.

Freddie says, "I know I haven't led a perfect life and I've made
some mistakes along the way, but I've made some of the most
beautiful music in the world. I'll stand at the back of heaven,
and serenade everybody with my wondrous songs, making heaven a far
happier place to be"

"Pretty good, Fred" said St Peter, "what about you Gianni?"

Versace says, "I make the most beautiful clothes in the world.
I will completely redesign the fashions up here, from the
archangels to the cherub to the choirboys. As you well
know Pete if you look good you will feel good and that will make
heaven a much happier place"

"Not bad" says St Peter. "What about you Queen Mum?"

The Queen Mum does not say a word, instead she lifts up her
skirt and pulls down her knickers, inserts a fullbottle of Evian
water into her fanny, lets the water shoot up inside her and then gush
out all over the floor.

"Excellent, you're in" says St Peter

"Hold on a fucking minute" says Freddie "She didn't even say anything"

"Fred you know the rules," says St Peter, "A royal flush beats a
pair of Queens..."

Thursday, April 25, 2002

I liked this game, it's really addictive... Just like the rest really, when you're supposed to be working...
Clicky slime ball gamey thingy...
Oh dear, only in America...
clicky here, the twat...

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Perhaps if Amex used this method of customer service?? I did anyway...
Clicky here!
Had to happen some day... I knew all of this anyway...
Clicky here!
More for me than anything else...
More "Top" madness...
Another one from last Friday night, this time is Spacefish's turn...

Yay me!
Sorry Nacho...
And this was a picture taken yesterday by a chap from B3ta!...

I just changed a little bit on it...
This is my rendition...

Looks like she's licking a cock
Speaking of mucky, someone found this yesterday...

What on earth does that trophy look like?
Can't believe that someone found this picture. I just doctored it a bit (used to have just a *small* circle covering, umm, well, you know..)
Now it looks like Jazzy B is doing something mucky...
I used to have one of these videos...
The Arc of the Covenant
I made a mix over the weekend, and if you can stand the 45Meg download time, then...
clickky downloady thing I'd really like it if people at Amex were to download this, it will knacker their bandwidth for a while... Heh heh heh :)
*update* 28/04/02 may be playing somewhere near you soon, I've got my creative head on and should be writing stuff for people soon. Huzzah for me!
I liked this, it involved Gaz Top and Twiki...
Bidi bidi bidi
More to the point, how did Mike cope??
Easting penguins before 12.00?
Yes, you're quite right, that is a penguin he's eating. Shameful though it is. Sorry Mike :)
I'm not sure what was going on here...
Look closely at the face...
PickledPizza made this for me....
I made this with Gareth "Gaz Top" Jones in it... Don't know why...
Mr Top finally loses it with his whispering agent
It's my first animation, please try not to laugh at the quality *I'll get me coat*
Poor bugger, how did he cope?
My new email address is...

Use this information wisely
I'm back again... And has anyone here got ITV Digital??
Now you can own it!