Saturday, March 16, 2002

what is all this about? Click it!!
Toast anyone?
I liked this, I liked this a lot. Click on it!
Dean and Nigel

Friday, March 15, 2002

Look at the funny monkey, he belongs to Tina.
Funky Monkey
Will have to investigate this later. If I'm bored.
And... DOMO-KUN!

Domo-Kun!!! Apparently he dances with some Japanese girls after this, Woo!

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Here's little Nacho.....
Snakemountain night out
This is (from left to right) Scabby Dog, Nacho, Redifusion and me.
Has any of your mates suddenly said "You know that tune, if you play it backwards, it says something really funny".
Well, most are bollocks, but the ones that are,ahem, genuine are here
and here and here. Now... That's better.
How did your weekends go? Mine went like this. Apparently I'm trying to swallow a milk jug here.. Look closely now.
Milk jug?
How about the lovely Francesca?
Bet that's cold
Maaargh! I've done it again! I've left my lovely blog alone for too long now, and I'm going to incorporate it in to my new page when it comes online (methinks putting the "Coming in March 2002" thingy on my website might have been a little bit optimistic.
I'll start the ball rolling again...
How about a satellite picture of the earth from a satellite of your choice? (sounds like something from Sale of The Century)
or if you're silly like me, try
and look for the flashing, dancing fool whom you will no doubt recognise... Oh sod it, I'll put it here...
Weeeeeee! Look at me go!
Hope you don't mind me sourcing from your site, Nacho!