Saturday, February 16, 2002

Everyone enjoys a poo. Check out the shopping section, pure class, oh and the top dumps page, just genius!
Oh dear, I haven't updated this for a while now, have I? Probably because it's a Saturday (yes, I should be at work) I only noticed.
My eyes are blurry, my head aches, my neck twinges and most of all, my throat burns... Tonsilitis? Probably, I'll have to see the Doc on Monday, I'm not waiting until bloody Wednesday to see some random doc. It took My doc about 2 minutes to say "that's tonsilitis" and send me away to the pharmacy with a small prescription for some drugs... I'm finding it very difficult to maintain any form of human behaviour, I'm constantly moving (which is a bitch if all you want to do is fall asleep) and when anyone talks to me, I feel like going off somewhere and talking to someone else... On the plus side...
This will make anyone laugh though...

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Well, I like Zombies.. These are a few clips from my favourite film "Dawn of The Dead"