Saturday, January 12, 2002

bloody hell, I'm full of it today... try this.
and maybe if you're that bored, try this.
And I won't forget this one either.

C ya on the other side of the weekend!!
and another one.... here...
Dont even ask me how I got hold of this
probably one of the most bizzare websites I have even seen, the guy has spent loads of time working this crap out!
And I have more where that came from too, btw, if you want to email me click here. If you're bored. If you're at work like I am, just email to ... Ta!!
Visit this site about air sickness bags at your own peril... WTF were they thinking??
And another one what exactly do these people do?? Do they have jobs?? Are they mild-mannered janitors? Or are they geeks with nothing else better to do??
I did have something else too, but I've forgotten and it's my lunch break, so I'm going to bugger off to the pub...
I've just seen something on the internet during my hour-long stint on the phones, consequently taking a massive 2 calls, both of whom I couldn't help. Try these nutters for size...
Also, if you dislike Garfield, then TRY THIS it's a little bit like a case of "too much time on your hands" but you have to hand it to the guy for a job well done.
And you have to watch this with the sound turned right up, if you like Destiny's Child, you'll be mortified, but if you don't you'll just think it's silly. I do...
Well, I'm going to sit back, relax and do little or nothing until my afternoon break comes up. Get rolling the ciggies for the break, can't stand rolling, but it's cheap and it gets me through the rest of the day!
Cya l8r!
Oooooooh, especially look at this. it's fucking mental...
Just getting back from my break at work, and after going for a Gypsy's Kiss found the bogs to be totally intolerably stench-worthy. God help me if I have to have a Donald Trump later. Just thought I'd mention it. I'm going to have to complain about it. Even the hole of a pub that I go to doesn't have khazi's that bad.
I'm still bored. Can you tell? I'm going to have to have a look at Nice cup of tea and a sit down, which is effectively what I'm doing right now, getting paid for it too.
I'm still bored, I'm just looking forward to my 1st break of the day at 12.30. Starting to roll my ciggies now. Bloody hell, there must be more to life than sitting on my (progressively getting fatter) arse and surfing the net. Mind you anyone that knows me, knows that I spend most of my days off doing just that, but without having to speak to anyone on the phone. I've just had the serial complainer from hell on the line and I really didn't understand what he was going on about, so I just left him on the line for a while whilst I was "Just looking for another colleague who will be able to help you" Mind you, people who don't want to hang on the line listening to the wonderful HOLD music, I can relate to, I got put on hold the other day and I've never felt so depressed in my life. If you want a sample of it, ring (01273) 576576 (calls charged at national rate!) and listen, firstly to Ross "Celebrity B-List" King mince on about the American Express Blue Card and just press the # key twice, with any luck, you'll get some delightful hold music before being put through to me to shout at. Lovely. Incidentally, the bloke I put on hold earlier, hung up after what seemed like an eternity for him, but was actually about 10 seconds. ho hum. Back to rolling some more ciggies...... I'll probably put something up here later when I could be bothered. Probably after 3:30 when I have to be back at work after "studying" eughhh in the pub..... Stella, come back all is forgiven...
Well, first things first. I'm getting lazy. I'm getting so lazy that I'm dreading the "March 2002" deadline that I've put up on my dodgy front page. I'm also loking forward to doing something that doesn't look like the "Duplo" of the Lego world. You know, the Latte of the Espresso world. I'm looking for something small, powerful and ultimately user-friendly. I have a lot of time on my hands too, hence I'm writing this. Nut learning Flash does have it's pitfalls, I'm one of them. It's a bastard thing to learn but I'll get there. A bit like me going in to the pub at lunch time (which I will take great pride in doing today) drinking half a Coke and reading my "Teach Yourself Networking in 24 hours". Now I wonder if I could get a refund on the book after I have read the last chapter, as it has taken me weeks of going to the pub and reading this book, constantly being "mistaken" for a student of all things... grrrr..
I'm not a bloody student, I work for a living. Saying that, I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible, having recently attempted to give up weekday drinking. That reminds me, I'll be having a couple of pints at lunch, it's Saturday!! Hoorah!
Well, I'll probably get bored and come back later, even though I can't imagine anyone reading this...